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Hear what our clients have to say about Pea Organizing Services:

Elaine K. 

January 2024

I recently had to go through major changes in my life which involved moving. I hired Pea Organizing Services and that was the best decision I made. Fiorella and Jodi were so helpful in setting up a plan for me and helping me implement it. I was under a time crunch and they helped me meet my deadline and they were even able to help me get set up in my new home when it was ready.  I have also been utilizing their services for other projects at my home. I have realized that I can’t do it all alone, so having this service available to me has truly been a blessing.

Linda P.
January 2024

We have used Fiorella and Pea organizing services for 7 years now, and highly recommend them! They are always there when you need them for tasks small or large. We have used them to organize many parts of our home (including setting up racks for storage), set up for parties and the holidays, home visits / grocery delivery for family members, errands when we are short of time, and more. They are dependable, capable, trustworthy, professional and very pleasant and easy to work with. You can count on Pea Organizers!

I am just getting a chance to walk in the newly organized storage room since I got back in town and I’m so amazed and grateful for the work you and Jodi completed for us!! I can’t believe how orderly it all is now, I’m so thankful.  I use to have so much anxiety coming in this space and it’s a blessing to have it clear and tidy.  I look forward to getting the rest of the house in order with your help 🥰

December 2023

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