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About Us


Pea Organizing Services is a full-service professional organizing and consulting firm offering customized solutions tailored to each client in the residential and corporate environment. We evaluate your present systems, create a plan to better utilize your space and time, and coach you on how to continue to improve in these areas. And whether your challenges are residential, office, paper or time management, we match our consultants to your specific needs.

The Pea Creed: Our Commitment to You:

  • Professional consultations and honest evaluations

  • Consistent, unsurpassed service

  • Personalized and creative solutions

  • We Will: Motivate You, Help You Focus, Make Recommendations and Create Space for Everything

  • Learn the value and see the benefits of organization

  • Ongoing coaching sessions for as long as needed

  • Tips to simplify your life and improve your surroundings

  • Creating more energy, enthusiasm and enjoyment

  • Confidential-Professional-Compassionate

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Fiorella Sabato is president of Pea Organizing Services, which is a full-service professional organizing and consulting firm that serves both residential and commercial clients to increase productivity, reduce stress, streamline processes and save time.

Fiorella is an expert in all aspects of organizing and time management and an active member of the National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO). She brings a wealth of experience in helping people manage their spaces including residential, offices and home offices.

Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, Fiorella has a background in teaching and joined the corporate world through managing the offices of a very dynamic import-export company as well as running her own successful clothing boutique.

Fiorella has been a member of the organizing team at Pea Organizing Services since 2006 and became the company’s president and owner in September 2009. She believes people thrive in a well structured environment and maintains a philosophy that, “We live in a really pressurized world and often we do not have time to organize. Once things are in order, productivity increases both in the home and at work and this certainly benefits our lives and those around us.”

When not helping clients with organization and time management, Fiorella – who is passionate about teaching – often gives presentations throughout the community to help people return to and maintain an “Organized Life!”

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Jodi Wendlinger Diamond has a background is in Textiles, Fashion Merchandising and Design.  Jodi has been organizing and decorating homes, office spaces and garages for over 15 years.  She specializes in downsizing, utilizing space and establishing order.  She believes in having a place for everything and putting to use what you already have.  She attributes her ability to work well with people and her sensitivity to their needs, to her continued success.  No job is too big or too small.  She is efficient, focused, will roll up her sleeves and get the job done!

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