Back to School Time Management Tips for Kids

Now is the time to think about heading back to school. While the beginning of the school year is still several weeks away, children can never be too prepared for going back to school and establishing good time management habits no matter their age or grade level. The following are tips for kids to help manage their time and avoid stress, especially during the busy school year.

1. Get a planner
Make a new best friend with a calendar and log all your classes, activities and appointments as they come up. Review your calendar every single day at the same time – such as the first thing in the morning or the night before – so you don’t miss anything. Keep all upcoming events, meetings and announcements in your calendar. Never make a commitment until you have checked your calendar first.

2. Leave some breathing space
Do not over-schedule yourself with too many activities. The busier you are with several commitments the less productive you are. Pick a few extra activities and enjoy them. It will make you less stressed and more active in your involvement. Remember that your studies will occupy much of your time and must always be considered with each decision you make.

3. Take time for yourself
Allow free time for yourself and by yourself. Catch up on studying, organizing your surroundings or just pamper yourself. This will help keep your mind clear and more focused.

4. Finish what you start
A key to success in school is following something through all the way to the end. Don’t let yourself stop in the middle because frustration, interruptions, or lack of time. You will definitely feel self-satisfaction at the completion of a project.

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