Three Steps to an Organized Life

In honor of Stress Awareness Month in April and Mental Health Month in May, take some time to focus on you and to minimize stress. Be sure to check out the “Live Your Life WellSM” campaign – spearheaded by Mental Health America – which uses researched-based tools to help reduce stress and promote health and well-being.

Did you know that research* shows that 58 percent of Americans reported struggling in their lives at the end of 2008? It is no wonder given our current tough economic times. These types of stressful events can impact us emotionally and physically; often affecting the way we live our lives, including increased stress, disorganization and feelings of being overwhelmed. Most of this can stem from not feeling in control of your life. While you can’t control certain aspects of your life, you can take back the reigns to create and live an organized life.

There are countless benefits to living an organized life, which is richer, less stressed and more focused. Following these three steps will help you rid your life of clutter and organize for lasting change.

Step One:
Create a vision of the life – including space, home environment and work – you want. Look at the big picture because it is about more than organizing your space. Organizing needs a vision to have lasting effects.

Step Two:
De-clutter by taking a hard look at what you have. Determine whether or not it fits into the vision of step one. If not, then purge it. Remember that stuff isn’t life and it isn’t memories.

Step Three:
Organize what you decide to keep in a productive way. Create a plan of action for each space and maintain your spaces on a regular basis. This is the easiest step if steps one and two are done correctly.

*Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index

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