Spring tips – Part 3

Spring Into Organizing Action

Springtime is synonymous with fragrant flowers, blooming trees and longer daylight hours, which means it’s a great time to “cleanse” our homes and offices and create a fresh start for the summer season. Keeping organized should be habitual throughout the year, so plan for specific organizing opportunities in your home and office.

This is a great time of year to tackle closets or drawers that are stuffed to the point where you can barely stow away another item. Start with one closet or drawer at a time. Keep a large garbage bag handy to throw away items and create a separate sorting area for items you’ll keep. By doing one drawer or area of the closet at a time, you will be able to manage the task at hand without getting overwhelmed. Dedicating 15 minutes a day to organizing and throwing away things you don’t need will amount to a full day’s work that you spread out over a month. By doing this, you’ll not only have a free weekend day to enjoy the beautiful outdoors or spend time relaxing, you’ll be able to efficiently manage an otherwise daunting project.

So, open those doors and drawers, roll up your sleeves and get organized. Remember, a drawer a day keeps the clutter away.

Prepare for Your Garage or Yard Sale

Spring is almost here, which means there’s no better time to purge items that you no longer need or use. A great incentive to organize and clean up is to plan a garage sale. Set a date now so that you have ample time to sort through the various items collecting dust in your attic, closet and/or garage. And follow these guidelines for a more successful sale:

ADVERTISING/PROMOTION: Use large poster- weight boards and print the information in large, bold font. Also, most local newspapers offer a garage sale advertising package to promote your event a few days preceding it. CHANGE: Be sure to have plenty of small bills on hand. SET UP: Set up everything in your garage the day before so all you have to do is pull it out in the morning. This also prepares you for those early bird shoppers who will flock to your house at the crack of dawn. PRICING: Price items ahead of time. Use peel- and-stick labels or cut up paper and tape it to your items. Price everything the day before. Price items fairly and clearly. Use color coded labels by price ($1, $5, $10) or arrange items together by price. POWER: Provide an electrical source so customers can test any electronic equipment that is for sale. DISPLAY: Setting up a bed or a kitchen table set gives people a chance to really view the item(s). Hang clothes on a rack to make the items easier to view. PARTNER WITH OTHERS: Even if you have a few items, pair up with some other neighbors for a multi- house/family garage sale. REPEAT: Plan on hosting a garage sale annually. This forces you to purge items you haven’t used in the past year.

Be sure to eat breakfast, keep snacks on hand and have fun!

Want to have a garage sale without all the work? Call us to manage your garage sale this summer!

Teach Your Children Good Organizing Habits Early

Do you find that soon after you clean and organize an area of the house, it is soon cluttered with toys, games and artwork projects and the mess is still there after the kids have gone to bed? Teach your children good organizing habits early on by providing them with helpful organizing tools. Incorporate “organizing/clean- up” time into the daily play routine by spending the last five minutes of that time putting things away. Show your kids and use encouraging words to put their toys in baskets, artwork in clear storage bins and games in a nearby cabinet. Identify an area where you can store the games, baskets, clear storage bins that are easily accessible for the kids.

Children will enjoy this “clean-up” process and make it a part of their playtime routine, especially if it is positively reinforced with a “good job” and a “thank you.” For the five minutes you’ll spend with your kids to pick up their things, you’ll be instilling great organizing habits and you’ll benefit by having more time for yourself and mitigating any stress from looking at a war zone of toys and games.

Remember-organizing is a skill and anyone can learn it. The sooner children learn how to organize their belongings and manage their time; the more successful they can be in school and activities on their own.

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