Spring tips – Part 2

Start Fresh This Spring

Spring brings thoughts of flowers blooming, birds chirping and a fresh start on life. Here is just one way to get organized so that you can start fresh this Spring.

Schedule one task each day and devote one uninterrupted hour to that task. You may decide that on Monday you will go through all your bills and pay those that are due. Tuesday may be your day for disposing of the piles of papers that have accumulated on your dining room table. On Wednesday, you may devote an hour to sorting through your closet for clothes that you no longer wear.

You’ll be amazed at the difference you can make in your home by following this simple system. To get started, visualize the end result you desire.

Traveling with Pets

We are fast approaching the busiest travel season of the year. If you are planning to travel with your pet, here are some important steps you should take to make the trip easier for everyone.

Purchase appropriate carriers to safely transport your pets. For dogs and cats, create a pet pack that will make the transportation of your pet a more pleasurable experience. It should include an old bed sheet or blanket to protect your car upholstery, a favorite toy or two, and an old T-shirt or rag with your scent on it.

You should also take a plastic container of fresh water, and a container of food and treats. Remember to take medications that your pet may need and a leash for when you make rest stops with your pet. Finally, even if your pet doesn’t typically get car sick, bring paper towels, a sponge, and plenty of plastic bags.

Organizing the Kids’ Rooms

Spring is a great time to get the kids’ rooms organized. First, get down to your child’s eye level to see the world as he or she sees it. For younger children, remove closet doors entirely. Lower clothing rods and use child-sized hangers. Use floor-level open containers to hold toys, and open plastic baskets to store socks and underwear.

Next, you should sort, store and simplify. Store out-of- season items elsewhere and remove outgrown clothing. Remove extra items so the remainder can stay neat and orderly in the available space. Use a large lidded plastic storage container, a large box or even a plastic garbage bag to put away extra toys. You can always rotate them.

Place seldom-used belongings on higher closet shelves in clear plastic containers and identify the contents. Let the kids help with labeling. The more they are involved, the more they are likely to use the system.

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