Navigate Healthcare Maze with Organized Medical Information

According to the Family Caregiver Alliance, it is estimated that 52 million caregivers provide care to individuals over the age of 20 who are either ill or disabled, and nearly seven million people help people over the age of 65 with daily activities. With that can come myriad of visits to the doctor and keeping track of health history and information, as well as the patient’s family members’ health history. Whether it is a caregiver or a patient keeping track of all their health information, the process can be daunting especially if you are seeing several providers in a short period of time.

To ensure continuity and accuracy of information that you are providing for yourself or a loved one – such as a child or an aging parent – consider making a list of health history to keep on hand in event of an emergency or to be able to refer to when filling out routine medical office forms. This will help you stay organized, save time and manage your health care information.

Your medical organization check-list could include:

  • Names/phone numbers of doctors
  • Name/phone numbers of emergency contacts
  • Health history of the person’s mother and father and their siblings
  • Health history (e.g. surgeries, allergies, and illnesses) of the patient
  • Patient’s list of medications – prescription and over-the-counter
  • Names of family members who have approval to access the patient’s medical records
  • Cards and policy numbers for health insurance, Medicare, AARP and other health-related benefits
  • Name of preferred hospital to receive treatment in the event of emergency

This information can be stored in a personal hand-held or mobile device or in a folder or binder that can easily be transported to medical visits. Also, consider innovative technology such as MedicTag – a digital USB device that stores all of your medical information while serving as a personal medical alert.

When not being used, be sure to keep your list in a safe place that is easily accessible. If you are storing the information on an electronic device, be sure to set the “lock” feature so that only you can retrieve it in the event you lose your phone or hand-held device.

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