Office Organizing Services

A comprehensive approach for organizing your office to create greater value from your time and your business…

Office, Paper and Desk Organizing

The Pea will ensure that maximum advantage is made of your existing office space to create an efficient and healthy work environment. By utilizing space efficiently, greater value can be achieved from your business and your time.

Filing and Storage Systems

The Pea will create an accurate and manageable filing system to ensure that all records are accounted for and accessible. Existing systems can be updated and audited. Monthly, quarterly and yearly maintenance services are available.

Inventory of Office Assets

For insurance and auditing purposes, The Pea will undertake a complete inventory of office items, from small desk supplies to large equipment. Each item will be labeled and reported on a database for your permanent records.

Computer Data Organizing Services

Never forget an important date or prospect. The Pea provides data entry and data organizing to create and maintain your work calendar, contacts and marketing efforts. We can use many software options to match your computer needs.

Administrative and Financial Organizing Services

The Pea provides a full spectrum of administrative services such as word processing, data entry and recordkeeping to allow you more time for growing your business. We can also organize your financial and tax records to go to your accountant.

Development of Office Procedure Systems and Manuals

The Pea is experienced in creating office systems and writing basic procedure manuals such as administrative procedure handbooks, company employee manuals and other materials required by growing businesses today. We can solidify company/home office procedures already in place or help establish and compose new procedures to better organize your daily routines.

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