Use the New Year to Get Organized

The holidays are behind you. The guests are gone or perhaps you have returned from visiting family and friends out of town. Now it is time to get your get your home and life back in order as you begin the New Year. Check out these helpful tips from members of our organizing team…

1. It’s a new year – the best time to get your papers and to-do lists organized and manageable. Consider using a paper tickler system to stay on top off all you have to do and manage for 2009. In a file box or drawer, hang a file for each month January thru December. Also hang a file for each day of the month 1 thru 31. From now on when you go through your mail and incoming papers, after sorting out the junk and unwanted materials for the trash or recycle bin, organize the remaining items that require action on your part into this system. Look at you calendar to decide when you can get these items accomplished and put them into that day. Can’t do it this month? Place it in the file of a month when you can. Have tickets for future shows or directions to an upcoming wedding? These items can go into the correct month and date as well. This way you never lose items you need when you need them and you are reminded of what needs to get done each day and each month.

2. Scan that Christmas artwork! The holidays are over and as we remove those kindergarten ornaments from the tree, our first instinct is to treasure them forever and add them to the ever expanding memorabilia box. Sc an the artwork or take digital photos of your darling holding his/her masterpiece and store it on a flash drive. Years from now you can create a “Holidays Past” disk and relive those memories on a slide show presentation.

3. Follow these steps when putting away your holiday decorations:

– Take time to donate old or unused decorations and throw out or repair broken ones.

– Reorganize decorations into nice storage boxes-clear boxes are best.

– Buy medium-sized containers that are easy to lift and manage without help. This is especially helpful when decorations are stored in the attic or garage and no one is around to help you get them out.

– Regroup decorations into categories such as greenery, ornaments, miscellaneous decorative, holiday table setting, etc.

– Finally, label all containers and store in one location.

This will be helpful next year when you are ready to start decorating and don’t want to pull out all 10 containers at once!

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