Make this Holiday Season Jolly and Green

Getting organized is about more than just finding a home for things and purchasing containers to hold all your stuff. It is about using what you have before buying more, donating what you do not need, and recycling whenever you can. For that reason, organizing itself is about being more environmentally aware. So why not practice green organizing and gift giving during the holidays? It is not only beneficial for the Earth, but also on our wallets.

With our tight economy and higher gas prices, many people are trimming their budgets this holiday season. Consider some of these “green” holiday tips which help fight clutter, save money, and bring the holiday spirit back home.

  • Send e-cards or a holiday-themed e-mail to help save money on postage and paper, and reduce paper waste. If you prefer to mail holiday cards, consider buying eco-friendly greeting cards.
  • Give consumable gifts such as baked goods, gift certificates, gas cards, or a compilation CD of your favorite holiday music.
  • Purchase and send gifts Online to save time and gas.
  • Replace older holiday lights with low-power versions.
  • Start a family tradition of wrapping gifts in the colorful holiday newspaper supplements, and then recycle the wrappings.
  • Plan shopping trips in advance and makes lists of what you need so you do not make extra trips to malls or grocery stores.
  • If you decorate a tree for the holidays, consider buying a live tree and planting it after your celebrations are done. Not only will you be helping the environment, but creating a living memory your family can enjoy throughout the years.
  • Less is more. Agree not to exchange gifts with adult friends and relatives, and instead to do something meaningful together. Buy each child fewer gifts, but better ones.

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