Get Ahead in Organizing with Daylight Savings Time

How we relish the end of daylight saving when we re-gain a whole hour. This year, why not take advantage of this extra hour and try to use it to perform a mundane task that you have been putting off for a long time. Here are a few suggestions for tackling things that require our attention, but that we keep putting off…

  • Make sure medicines are in check
      – Organize and clean out the medicine closet/chest: Cold/flu season is almost here, not to mention the dreaded H1N1. Make a list of medications you need for the winter season. Discard medicines that have reached their expiration date and be aware not to just “flush” these… visit You will see the best way to dispose of your household medicines. When in doubt, talk to your personal pharmacist who is a great resource for medication information.
      – Never store medications in the bathroom since the humidity level decreases the shelf life.
      – ALWAYS keep medicines in child-proof containers and out of reach of children.
  • Be prepared for a winter storm
      – As recommended, this is a good time to change batteries in fire/smoke detectors, ensure that your flashlights are in working order, and that you have an “emergency” storage area for matches/candles and other items you may need in the event of a winter storm.
  • Get ahead this coming tax year
      – This year we face a host of new tax laws. Many of these are temporary but if we are organized, we can possibly benefit from some of them and save money.
      – Use this time to begin sorting through your tax papers.
      – Speak to your CPA and ensure you are aware of the numerous tax breaks for 2009. For example, sales tax on new cars (only for 2009 year) is deductible this year (even if you do not itemize your deductions). Part of your unemployment is tax free… learn more about this and begin gathering the relevant papers so that you can maximize your deductions. A few hours could save you a considerable amount of money.
  • Sort winter clothing
      – With temperatures often in flux this time of year, you can never be too ready for chilly weather. This may be a good time to haul out those winter “woolies” and see what fits, what is still in season and what items you may need for cooler weather.

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