12 Things to Simplify Your Workday

Taken from Getting Organized Magazine:
One of the best things I did when I decided to simplify my life was to simplify my workday. I eliminated the non-essentials, and can now focus on what I truly love: creating.

Not everyone can make such drastic steps toward simplicity, but you can do a few small things that will greatly simplify things for you at work.

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Organizing by the Minute

Taken from Getting Organized Magazine:
In a world where cell phones can start cars, GPS systems can help you avoid traffic, and Google Calendar lets you sync your schedule with your husband, kids, and dog walker, it’s easy to see why the top excuse for a cluttered life is lack of time. Well, guess what – that excuse is no longer going to work!
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Picture Perfect Office

Taken from Getting Organized Magazine:
Inspiration often comes from seeing others successfully tackle the task. Examples of well organized spaces can come from fellow readers and do-it-yourselfers. When we came across photographer Heather Espana’s fantastic office, we knew it was a must-share.
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